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Young, wealthy, handsome - Adam Williams is sitting in a bar in a small town in Florida.


Nobody has seen him since.


With the local police unable to trace Adam, his brother Craig and a workmate, Ben Rook, fly out to find him.


However, nothing could have prepared them for the bizarre cat-and-mouse game into which they are drawn as they seek to pick up Adam's trail and discover what happened to him that night.






“I’m so sorry; she died under the train…”


Librarian Tom Raymond takes a phone call from the last person he expected to hear from: his ex-wife Lisa. She says she needs to talk. She can’t say what it’s about, and it has to be face to face.


However, Lisa does not show up for their meeting, and later that night Tom finds she apparently met with an accident earlier.


Tom later finds that his doubts about Lisa’s accident are shared by attractive but shy Amy Spicer, who worked with Lisa at CitiMarket - a market research company. He and Amy form an unlikely partnership as they try to get to the bottom of what really happened to Lisa, and what it had to do with her call to Tom.


Soon they come up against the sinister Sebastian Fleming and Ashley Merchant, who are intent on stopping Tom and Amy uncovering the secret of what is actually going on behind the doors of CitiMarket. A secret which might just cost them their lives…






Suppose your wife leaves work but never arrives home; you call, only to find nobody there has heard of her. If she doesn’t work there, where has she been going?


Matthew Gibbons thought he had it all - a house in a leafy Boston suburb, his wife Ruth, and a beautiful son. But when  one evening, after texting him, 'leaving now,' Ruth doesn't arrive home and the staff at her office say they have nobody of that name working there, he sees his whole life collapsing around him.


What could have made Ruth walk away from her home and her family? When Matt tries to piece together his wife’s life, he finds he never really knew the woman he married, the woman who apparently died in a car crash three years earlier…



What some readers said:



“The story captured me from the beginning and refused to let go.” (Amazon Super Customer)


“Amazing story that keeps you going until you’re finished with the whole book.” (arkiebornforever)


“This was such a good suspenseful story, and had a great surprise ending, could not put the book down. Well written and love a story that ends in a way you never expected.” (Nancy Garrett)


“…read it in one sitting as I couldn’t wait to know the outcome.” (Smorbes)


“I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good story.” (Greg)